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Admission inquiry
Admission inquiry
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Admission result query

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Friendly reminder:
1) It can be used to check the admission status, and the EMS express status and information of the admission notice after admission.
2) The query results are for reference only, and no admission voucher is accepted; the admission notice shall prevail.
3) The data of the query results are from the Admissions Office of Ezhou Vocational University. If you have any questions about the query results, please call us for consultation.
4) Special attention: The query data has not cooperated with any website or third party for the time being, please do not trust the results of other websites or third party query; please check the domain name in the address bar is [http://zhaoban.finehummel.com] If you are not the domain name, please report it to us; you must not use this query data for any illegal activities without permission, and we reserve the right to investigate this according to law.