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2018 Admissions Brochure
Admissions Information
Admissions Information
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Ezhou Vocational University 2019 Hubei Higher Vocational Enrollment Enrollment Brochure (First Batch)
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I. School Introduction

1984 年,是经国家教育部批准的综合性公办全日制普通高等院校。 Established in 1984 , Ezhou Vocational University is a comprehensive public full-time general college approved by the Ministry of Education. The school has been identified as:

National Backbone Higher Vocational College

National Excellent College for Talent Training Evaluation

Model Higher Vocational Colleges in Hubei Province

Advanced Unit of Employment in Hubei Province

Hubei Province High-skilled Talent Training Base

Hubei Provincial Garden School

    The school is located in Ezhou City, Hubei's "International Aviation Metropolitan Area", and is close to the big Wuhan, which is a "nine-provincial thoroughfare". This is the first batch of reform and opening-up test areas in Hubei Province, the hometown of Wu Guo, the famous Chinese and foreign capital.

    1598 亩,建筑总面积约 55 万平方米。 The school is located in the downtown area of Ezhou, covering an area of 1598 acres, with a total construction area of about 550,000 square meters. 13 个教学院(部),学校依托和服务国际航空都市区,建成了航空物流与电子商务、智能制造与汽车服务、护理与医药、计算机与互联网技术、建筑工程与测量技术、电子与自动化、小教与学前教育、服装与艺术等 8 大专业群;学校开设了 50 个专科专业(方向)和 2 个“专本联合培养”本科专业,其中 4 个国家级重点专业、 7 个省级重点专业、 4 个湖北省特色品牌专业。 There are 13 teaching colleges (departments). The school relies on and serves the international aviation metropolitan area. It has built aviation logistics and e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing and automotive services, nursing and medicine, computer and Internet technology, construction engineering and measurement technology, electronics and 8 major professional groups such as automation, primary education and preschool education, clothing and arts ; the school has established 50 specialized majors (directions) and 2 undergraduate majors of “collaborative training”, including 4 national key majors and 7 provinces. Level key specialty, 4 specialty brand specialty in Hubei Province. 2 个国家级职业教育实训基地、 6 个省级实训基地、 36 个厂中校、 107 个校内实训室、 288 个校外顶岗实习基地。 There are 2 national vocational education training bases, 6 provincial training bases, 36 factory junior high schools , 107 on -campus training rooms, and 288 off-campus internship bases.

647 人,其中教授、副教授 272 人,博士、硕士 181 人。 The school currently has 647 full-time teachers , including 272 professors and associate professors , and 181 doctors and masters . 90% The rate of "double teachers" for full-time teachers reaches 90% . 3 个,“楚天技能名师”教学岗位 25 个。 The school currently has 3 teaching teams in Hubei Province , 25 teaching positions of "Chutian Skilled Teachers" .

    10 多所院校或教育机构,开展国际教育项目合作。 The school adheres to the concept of open education, and has cooperated with more than 10 institutions or educational institutions in the United States, Britain, Russia, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Singapore and Taiwan to carry out international education projects. Relying on industry industry established "Hubei Mould Vocational Education Group", "Southeast Hubei Preschool Education Vocational Education Group" and "Shunfeng Logistics Management College". 10 多家企业长期开展产学研合作。 Docking Ezhou Gedian's “National Economic and Technological Development Zone” and long-term industry-university-research cooperation with more than 10 companies including Alibaba, JD.com, Amazon, Vipshop, Suning Cloud, and China Ping An Group .

    18000 余人,毕业生就业率连续 10 年稳定在 96% 以上,毕业生平均薪资处于全国同类院校前列。 The school recruits students from all over the country. At present, there are more than 18,000 students. The employment rate of graduates has been stable at more than 96% for 10 consecutive years . The average salary of graduates is among the top in the country.

The wind is sailing and the walker is boundless. 30 余年的发展,学校正站在国家骨干高职院校的新起点,抢抓国际航空都市区建设发展的机遇,为把学校建设成为立足武汉城市圈、辐射中部地区、面向全国、以临空经济专业为特色的新时代高水平高职院校而奋斗。 After more than 30 years of development, the school is standing at a new starting point of national backbone higher vocational colleges, seizing the opportunity of the construction and development of the international aviation metropolitan area. The new era of high-level vocational colleges is characterized by air economics.

Admissions Program and Program





Total enrollment plan (person)


among them:


Number of full-time school programs


among them:


Number of Flexible Plan


/ 年) Tuition (yuan / year)


Architectural interior design










Mechanical design and manufacturing










Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance










Business Enterprise Management










Aviation logistics










Aviation ground equipment maintenance










Computer Application Technology










Applied Electronic Technology










Third, the registration object

凡具有本省户籍或非湖北户籍在鄂工作(需提供我省半年社保缴费凭证或居住证)、具有高中阶段学历(含普通高中、中专、职业高中、技工学校等,下同)或同等学力的退役军人、下岗职工、农民工、新型职业农民,以及未参加 2019 年高考报名的应往届高中阶段毕业生等均可报名参加 2019 年湖北省高职扩招; 1. Anyone who has a household registration in the province or a non-Hubei household registration to work in Hubei (requires a proof of social security contribution or a residence permit for our province for half a year), has a high school education (including ordinary high schools, technical secondary schools, vocational high schools, technical school, etc., the same below) Veterans, laid-off workers, laid-off workers, migrant workers, new-type peasants of the same academic ability, and senior high school graduates who have not participated in the 2019 college entrance examination can apply to participate in the expansion of higher vocational education in Hubei Province in 2019 ;

已参加 2019 年普通高考(含技能高考、高职单招等)报名但未被录取的考生也可以报名参加 2019 年湖北省高职扩招。 2. Candidates who have participated in the 2019 General College Entrance Examination (including skills college entrance examination, single vocational college admissions, etc.) but have not been accepted can also register for the 2019 Hubei Province Higher Vocational College Enrollment Expansion.

Fourth, the registration method and registration time

报名方式: 2019 年高职扩招采取单独考试招生方式进行,考试报名采用网上报名、网上填报志愿与现场确认相结合的方式。 1. Registration method: The enrollment of higher vocational education in 2019 will be conducted through a separate examination. The registration of the examination will be based on a combination of online registration, online registration, and on-site confirmation. 2019 高考报名的考生先要携带相关材料到所在县(市、区)教育考试机构进行报名资格审查,资格审查通过后取得报名卡,然后登录高职扩招专项考试网上报名系统(网址: gkbm.hbea.edu.cn )进行网上报名、填报志愿;已参加 2019 年普通高考报名未被录取的考生,直接凭原高考报名号登录上述报名系统,进行相关信息补填和专业志愿填报,完成信息填报后成功提交,不需要现场确认。 Candidates who have not participated in the 2019 college entrance examination must first bring the relevant materials to the education examination institution of the county (city, district) where they are registered. After passing the qualification examination, they can obtain the registration card, and then log in to the online vocational enrollment special examination online registration system (URL: gkbm .hbea.edu.cn ) for online registration and volunteering; candidates who have participated in the general college entrance examination in 2019 but have not been accepted, log in to the above registration system directly with the original college entrance examination registration number, fill in relevant information and complete professional volunteering, and complete the information After submitting the report, it is successfully submitted without on-site confirmation.

报名时间: 8 20 日至 8 31 2. Registration time: August 20th to August 31st

领取准考证及体检时间安排: 9 20 日,所有填报我校志愿的考生凭本人身份证和《 2019 年湖北省高职扩招专项考试报名登记表》到我校招生处领取准考证。 3. Timetable for obtaining the admission ticket and physical examination: On September 20th , all candidates who submitted their volunteers at our school came to our school's admissions office with their ID cards and the " 2019 Hubei Provincial Higher Vocational Enrollment Special Examination Registration Form". 9 20 日由我校统一安排至鄂州市中医医院参加体检。 Except for candidates who have participated in the general college entrance examination this year (including skills college entrance examination, single vocational college admissions) medical examination but have not been accepted by any school, other candidates participating in our college's higher vocational enrollment must be arranged by our school uniformly Ezhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital participated in the physical examination. Candidates who have not participated or failed the medical examination will not be admitted.

V. Examinations and admissions

(A) examination

2019 年高职扩招按照单独招生考试方式,采取“文化素质 + 职业技能测试”的考试模式。 According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, in accordance with the rules and characteristics of cultivating talents in higher vocational colleges, our school's expansion of higher vocational education in 2019 will adopt a separate admissions examination method and adopt the "cultural quality + vocational skills test" test mode. + 职业技能测试”考试方式进行,对取得中级(含中级)以上职业技能等级证书的中职毕业生,报考相关专业免予职业技能测试部分;对普通高中毕业生,采取“文化素质 + 职业适应性测试”的考试方式进行。 For retired soldiers, laid-off unemployed, migrant workers, and new-type professional farmers, etc., cultural qualification examinations are exempted, and occupational adaptability tests or vocational skills tests related to the application specialty are taken; for secondary vocational graduates, "cultural quality + vocational skills" The “test” test method is adopted. For middle-school graduates who have obtained a vocational level certificate of intermediate level or above, the relevant majors are exempted from the vocational skills test. For ordinary high school graduates, the “cultural quality + vocational adaptability test” is adopted . Test method.

9 21 日至 9 22 日(见准考证) Examination time: September 21 to September 22 (see admission ticket)

Exam location: Ezhou Vocational University (see admission ticket)

(Two) admission

分类别分专业按考生的总成绩从高分到低分录取,录取后发放录取通知书。 1.According to the categories and majors, the candidates will be admitted from high to low scores, and an admission notice will be issued after admission.

录取的新生,在 2019 10 月底完成招生录取、学籍注册等工作。 2. The newly admitted students should complete the admissions and student registration at the end of October 2019 .

考生被我校正式录取后,在学校规定学习年限内修完教育教学计划规定内容,成绩合格,达到学校毕业要求的,颁发普通全日制专科毕业证书。 3. After the candidate has been accepted by me, he / she will complete the content of the education and teaching plan within the school's required study period, and if he / she is qualified and meets the school's graduation requirements, a general full-time college graduation certificate will be issued.

Consultation and Contact

0711-3876578 ;3858935 3893706 Consulting Tel: 0711-3876578 ; 3858935 ; 3893706

http://finehummel.com School website: http://finehummel.com

http://finehummel.com/zb/ School Admissions Information Website: http://finehummel.com/zb/

77 Mailing address: No. 77 Fenghuang Road , Ezhou City, Hubei Province

436000 Zip Code: 436000

Attachment: Introduction to Higher Vocational Enrollment

应用电子技术 I. Applied Electronic Technology

1. Applied electronics technology

PLC 技术、电源技术、电视技术、电子工艺、单片机技术、 EDA 技术等。 Main courses: circuit basics, analog electronic technology, digital electronic technology, electronic measurement technology, high-frequency electronic circuits, home appliance maintenance, PLC technology, power technology, television technology, electronic technology, single-chip technology, EDA technology, etc.

Employment direction: engaged in the production, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and quality inspection of electronic products, marketing of electronic products, technical management of the electronic production industry, development and research of electronic products and electronic control systems.

、应用电子技术(航空电子方向) 2. Applied Electronics Technology (Avionics)

Main courses: aircraft structure and system, aircraft communication system, instrument indication and inertial reference system, aircraft navigation system, automatic flight control system, typical aircraft electronic system, turbine engine aircraft structure and system, maintenance technology foundation, aerodynamics and Flight principle, etc.

Employment direction: Based on Hubei Ezhou Airport, facing national airports, airlines, and aircraft maintenance companies, it can perform maintenance, repair, testing, and management of avionics equipment.

Computer Application Technology

、计算机应用技术 1. Computer application technology

VB 程序设计、计算机编程语言、数据库、多媒体技术、计算机组装与维护等。 Main courses: Principles and Applications of Microcomputers, Principles and Applications of Databases, Data Structures, VB Programming, Computer Programming Languages, Databases, Multimedia Technology, Computer Assembly and Maintenance, etc.

Employment direction: engaged in computer application software research and development, system management, technical maintenance and operation and other technical or management work; engaged in computer operation, computer maintenance and management, computer information retrieval and information processing, computer after-sales service, website construction and maintenance, web design and Production, etc.

、计算机应用技术(网站开发与管理方向) 2. Computer application technology (website development and management direction)

windows2000 配置与安全管理、 Linux 网络服务、网站管理与维护、图形图像 Photoshop PHP 程序设计、 ASP/JSP 脚本设计、 web 应用程序设计等。 Main Courses: Computer Network Basics, LAN Construction and Maintenance, LAN Management, Database Management and Maintenance, Network Database, Network Operating System, Network Server, Windows 2000 Configuration and Security Management, Linux Network Services, Website Management and Maintenance, Graphic Image Photoshop , PHP Programming, ASP / JSP script design, web application design, etc.

Employment direction: engaged in website design and development, network construction and management of small and medium-sized networks, information security management, network construction project implementation, technical support, network product marketing, website design production management and maintenance, e-commerce development, etc.

、计算机应用技术(数据库技术方向) 3. Computer application technology (database technology direction)

VB 、网页制作、图形图像 Photoshop 、网络操作系统、 Linux 操作系统、 Oracle 数据库、 SQLServer2000 数据库开发、数据库管理与维护、 WEB 数据库设计与应用等。 Main courses: database application basics, programming, engineering programming VB , web page production, graphic image Photoshop , network operating system, Linux operating system, Oracle database, SQLServer2000 database development, database management and maintenance, WEB database design and application, etc.

Employment direction: mainly involved in software development, software testing, software sales and services.

、计算机应用技术( H3C 网络工程师方向) 4 , computer application technology ( H3C network engineer direction)

H3C 网络技术基础、 H3C 交换技术、 H3C 路由技术、 H3C 无线技术、 H3C 云存储技术、 H3C 安全技术等 H3C 网络学院全系统课程。 Main Courses: H3C Network College H3C Network College's full system courses , including H3C network technology foundation, H3C switching technology, H3C routing technology, H3C wireless technology, H3C cloud storage technology, H3C security technology, etc.

H3C 人才联盟的 370 余家合作伙伴及遍布全球的六百余家分销代理商。 Employment direction: More than 370 partners and more than 600 distribution agents around the world who are employed by the H3C Talent Alliance .

Third, business enterprise management

Main courses: accounting, human resource management skills, production site management, corporate accounting practice, corporate management practice, corporate legal practice, statistical technology, capital analysis, product quality control, securities investment practice, finance and finance, etc.

Employment direction: SMEs are engaged in corporate production management, marketing management, accounting and financial management, human resource management, logistics management and other jobs.

4. Aviation logistics

Main courses: aviation logistics, civil aviation cargo transportation, civil aviation express delivery practice, dangerous goods transportation, air transportation geography, air freight marketing, logistics declaration and inspection, supply chain management, logistics transportation practice, logistics storage management, aviation logistics information management, etc.

Employment direction: ① mainly engaged in civil aviation logistics services in airport airport operations, air cargo transportation, civil aviation luggage transportation, civil aviation aviation materials procurement, customs declaration, storage and transportation.

② This major is oriented to internship and employment at SF Express Air Logistics Airport.

V. Architecture Interior Design

Main courses: interior space design, interior furniture and furnishing design, decorative structure, decorative budget, decorative materials, interior green design, interior residential design, lighting design, computer-aided design software, etc.

Employment direction:

① Engaged in the interior decoration design of residences and public buildings; ② Engaged in the design of furniture and cabinets of furniture manufacturing enterprises; ③ Engaged in the design of exhibition spaces, construction drawings and renderings; ④ Engaged in the design of architectural drawings and renderings.

Six, mechanical design and manufacturing

PRO/E 等。 Main courses: drawing and reading of mechanical drawings, design and implementation of common parts, design and implementation of mechanical manufacturing processes, general processing of mechanical parts, numerical control processing of mechanical parts, inspection and maintenance of general machine tools, engineering mechanics, engineering materials and Thermal processing, tolerance fit and measurement technology PRO / E, etc.

Employment direction: For enterprises in the mechanical manufacturing industry, engaged in mechanical product design, process design, mechanical product testing, mechanical manufacturing, equipment management, production management, technical service and sales.

Seven, automobile inspection and maintenance technology

Main courses: Basics of automotive machinery, automotive electrical technology, automotive use and maintenance, automotive construction, automotive engine maintenance, automotive chassis maintenance, automotive electrical equipment maintenance, automotive fault diagnosis and troubleshooting, automotive electrical control device maintenance, automotive plastic and cosmetic technology, Car performance testing, car body repair technology, etc.

4S 店从事汽车故障检测与诊断、汽车维修与保养、技术管理等工作;面向汽车销售企业从事营销与服务、面向保险公司汽车保险与理赔工作。 Employment direction: mainly engaged in automobile fault detection and diagnosis, automobile repair and maintenance, technical management, etc. for first- and second-class brand automobile 4S stores; engaged in marketing and service for automobile sales companies, and automobile insurance and claims for insurance companies.

Eight, aviation ground equipment maintenance

Main courses: Construction and maintenance of aviation special vehicle power system, inspection and maintenance of aviation special vehicle transmission system, aviation special vehicle electrical equipment and maintenance, aviation special vehicle electrical control device maintenance, aviation special vehicle chassis electrical control device maintenance, aviation special vehicle failure Diagnosis and repair, performance and use of aviation special vehicles, etc.

Employment direction: Based on Hubei Ezhou Airport, the ground special vehicle support department for airports and airlines across the country can perform the use, commissioning, maintenance, fault diagnosis, repair and operation management of aviation special vehicles.

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