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School Work Report-At the Sixth Second Faculty Congress of Ezhou Vocational University

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School work report

在鄂州职业大学六届二次教职工代表大会上 —— At the 6th Second Faculty Congress of Ezhou Vocational University

principal   Hong Zhenyin

225日) ( February 25 , 2017 )

Distinguished delegates:

Next, I will make a report on the work of the school to the General Assembly for your consideration. Invited representatives and attendees at the meeting are invited to make suggestions and opinions.

年工作回顾 I. Work Review in 2016

会及习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神为指引,围绕优质高职院校的建设目标,认真落实教育部高职教育创新发展行动计划,不断深化学校内涵建设,稳步推进以“项目化课程改革”为引领的综合改革,学校的各项 事业取得了可喜的成绩,办学 规模、质量与效益同步提升 Over the past year, the school has adhered to the spirit of the important speeches of the 18th National Congress of the Party and the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches. Earnestly implement the action plan for the innovation and development of higher vocational education of the Ministry of Education, continue to deepen the school's connotation construction, and steadily advance the comprehensive reform led by the "project-based curriculum reform". Synchronous promotion .

——The number of students and the number of students in the school reached a new record. 年, 高职招录 新生5335人,报到率达94% ,居全省同类院校前列;中职招生1069人,超出市内其他中职学校招录新生的总和;成人 本专科 招生381人;自考本科注册学生1740人,占新生人数的33.61% ;全校各类在籍学生近2万人。 In 2016 , 5335 freshmen were enrolled in higher vocational education , with a registration rate of 94% , ranking the forefront of similar institutions in the province; 1069 enrolled in secondary vocational education, exceeding the total enrollment of freshmen in other secondary vocational schools in the city; 381 were enrolled in adult-oriented colleges . ; 1,740 undergraduate registered students for self-study examinations, accounting for 33.61% of the number of freshmen ; nearly 20,000 students of all types in the school.

-The employment rate and quality of graduates continue to remain high. ,居省内高职院校前列,其中在鄂州本地就业率首次突破20% ;经新锦成等第三方调查评价,毕业生就业质量显著提高,对母校的认同度、满意度、推介度大幅提升。 The employment rate of higher vocational graduates reached 93.73% , ranking the forefront of higher vocational colleges in the province. Among them, the local employment rate in Ezhou exceeded 20% for the first time. According to third-party surveys such as Xinjincheng, the quality of graduate employment has improved significantly. Significantly increased recognition, satisfaction and referrals.

——The school's guarantee and support capabilities have been further improved. 亿元; 人员经费支出增加到1.09亿元,比上一年增长11% ,其中,绩效工作中的岗位津贴环比上调10% The school's total annual income reached 206 million yuan; personnel expenditures increased to 109 million yuan, an increase of 11% over the previous year. Among them, the post allowance for performance work was increased by 10% from the previous month. The debt structure has been optimized and funding guarantees remain stable.

-Steady progress in infrastructure construction. 万专项资金,投入3500余万元,启动了汽车工程实训中心和体育实训中心项目建设。 Strive for 20 million yuan of special funds from the National Development and Reform Commission, invested more than 35 million yuan, and started the construction of automotive engineering training center and sports training center project. 余万元,翻新改造二号教学楼、修建莲花山路透景式围墙、开展校园绿化和环境整治,实施校园电力增容、线路改造,为学生宿舍安装空调。 Invested more than 10 million yuan, renovated and reconstructed the No. 2 teaching building, built a landscape-style fence on Lianhuashan Road, carried out campus greening and environmental improvement, implemented campus power capacity expansion, line transformation, and installed air conditioning in student dormitories.

——Students have achieved remarkable results in various competitions. 项、二等奖15项、三等奖13项;获省级技能大赛特等奖1项、一等奖5项、二等奖8项、三等奖24项、优秀奖5项、最佳创意奖2项;荣获湖北省职业院校第二届“超星杯”移动阅读大赛团体一等奖1项,个人一、二、三等奖及优秀奖各1项;湖北省职业院校第二届“起点杯”阅读竞赛团体一等奖一项,个人一等奖1项、二等奖3项、三等奖5项。 Won 1 first prize, 15 second prizes, 13 third prizes in various national skill competitions; 1 provincial first prize, 5 first prizes, 8 second prizes, 3 third prizes 24 5 awards, 2 excellent awards, 2 best creative awards; won 1 first prize in the second "Super Star Cup" mobile reading contest of Hubei Vocational Colleges, 1 individual, 2 and 3 prizes and 1 outstanding each One item; one first prize for the second "Starting Cup" reading competition group of Hubei Vocational Colleges, one individual first prize, three second prizes, and five third prizes. 人分获国家、省级“优秀运动员”称号。 Three people were awarded the title of "Excellent Athlete" at the national and provincial levels.

In the past year, we have united our hearts and seized opportunities to take a new step on the road to building a "national high-quality vocational college" and have done a lot of solid and effective work:

First, adhere to the integration of production and education, and further optimize the professional layout. 专本联合培养试点专业, 开办了“顺丰”和“京东方”冠名班。 Integrating into the construction of Ezhou Aviation Metropolitan Area, newly opened majors such as industrial robotics, mobile internet application technology, stage art design and production, and added pre-school management, pharmacy, and other joint training pilot majors. Name class. 药学、计算机应用技术专业获批省教育厅“现代学徒制”试点建设项目。 The logistics management major was awarded the provincial characteristic specialty construction project; the pharmacy and computer application technology major was approved by the provincial education department as a "modern apprenticeship" pilot construction project.

The second is to deepen curriculum reform and continue to improve practical teaching capabilities. 组织开展了教师信息化教学大赛、微课设计与制作培训和教师微课比赛,启动了精品在线开放课程建设。 Fully launched the second phase of project-based curriculum reform training and evaluation, and actively promoted the teaching application of the results of curriculum reform; organized and organized teacher informatization teaching competitions, micro-class design and production training, and teacher micro-class competitions, and launched fine online open courses Construction.

集团化 办学新格局。 The third is to promote resource integration and build a new pattern of group education. The approval report for preschool education vocational education group in southeast Hubei was completed; the annual meeting of Hubei Mould Vocational Education Group and the discussion and exchange meeting of the governing units were organized. 多名学生,实施一对一学徒培养,其中部分学生被公司选派到德国进行技术研修。 Through a special job fair, more than 100 students were sent to mold companies in the province to implement one-on-one apprenticeships, and some of them were selected by the company for technical training in Germany.

The fourth is to implement a strong school of talents to improve the overall quality of the teaching staff. 硕士学历专任教师、辅导员及工作人员6 ,外聘兼职教师169人;新评聘教授6人、副教授15人;有200多名专任教师参加了国 培、省培和暑期下企业锻 炼,教师的师德修养和实践教学能力显著提高。 Introduce 6 full-time master teachers, counselors and staff , 169 part-time external teachers; 6 newly-appointed professors and 15 associate professors; more than 200 full-time teachers have participated in national training, provincial training and summer enterprise forging Training, teachers' moral ethics cultivation and practical teaching ability have been significantly improved. 年,获全国高职微课作品竞赛一等奖1项、二等奖5项,优秀组织单位奖1项; 第八届全国美育成果展评一等奖1项、二等奖2项;全国高职院校体育课程说课比赛二等 2项。 In 2016 , he won 1 first prize, 5 second prizes, and 1 excellent organization unit prize in the National Higher Vocational Micro-Class Work Competition; 1 first prize and 2 second prizes in the 8th National Aesthetic Education Exhibition; There are 2 second prizes in the physical education lecture competition in the country's higher vocational colleges . 项、二等奖2项、三等奖1项,获奖率居全省前列;获湖北省医学职业教育教师信息化教学设计比赛团队一等奖1项、二等奖2项,湖北省职业教育教学成果奖二等奖2 、三等奖2项。 Won 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 3 third prizes in the informatization classroom teaching competition of vocational colleges in Hubei province. The winning rate is among the highest in the province. There are 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes of Hubei Provincial Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award . 人荣获“鄂州市十大杰出青年”称号。 One person was awarded the title of "Top Ten Outstanding Youth in Ezhou City".

Fifth, adhere to collaborative innovation and enhance the ability to serve regional development. 科研论文181篇,出版专著4 、教材55部,取得发明专利11项,获得湖北省自然科学优秀学术论文二等奖1项,入选省级科研课题15项、市级应用研究课题16项,评选立项160 校级教科研项目 Teachers published 181 scientific research papers, published 4 monographs and 55 textbooks, obtained 11 invention patents, obtained 1 second prize for outstanding scientific papers in Hubei Province, and was selected into 15 provincial scientific research topics and municipal application research. There are 16 topics and 160 school-level teaching and research projects are selected . 项;面向社会、企业开展专项培训478人,职业技能鉴定3017人,普通话培训和测试2956人次。 Provided 71 technical services for the upgrading of local industries; conducted 478 special trainings for society and enterprises, 3,017 vocational skills appraisals, and 2,956 mandarin training and tests.

Sixth, strengthen internal control management and improve school governance. Scientifically formulate the "13th Five-Year" development plan. 设计学校三年“创新发展行动计划项目”。 Top design school three-year "Innovative Development Action Plan Project". Completion of the school's charter was completed , and was approved by the Provincial Department of Education to take effect, and the cleanup, improvement, and construction of school rules and regulations were initiated. Developed and implemented the "Overall Plan for the Management of Incentive Performance Wage Distribution in Ezhou Vocational University", and established an evaluation management system with incentive functions that takes performance evaluation as the main content and reflects the characteristics of colleges and universities. Continue to strengthen funding budgets and asset management, increase auditing and supervision of financial revenues and expenditures, and continue to regulate bidding and procurement practices. Vigorously promote office automation and networking. 央八项规定,规范压缩发文、办会数量,严控公务接待、行政办公支出和公务用车运行费用。 Strictly implement the eight central regulations, regulate the number of documents and meetings , and strictly control official reception, administrative office expenses, and official vehicle operating costs. The audit supervision service was strengthened, and the rights and interests of the school were effectively maintained. Establish and improve the security work mechanism that combines civil defense, physical defense, technical defense, and specialized groups, and further strengthen the construction of a "safe campus."

    Seventh, actively expand the platform and promote the construction of "smart campus". ,实现校园有线、无线网全覆盖,推进了校园“云平台”建设,完成了校园网“站群系统”的测试、迁移,提升了校园“一卡通”项目应用功能和校园网络信息安防、服务能力。 The introduction of a third party for the overall transformation of the campus network, the bandwidth of the campus backbone network increased to 15G , to achieve full coverage of the campus wired and wireless network, promoted the campus "cloud platform" construction, completed the campus network "station group system" test, migration, Improved the campus “One Card” project application function and campus network information security and service capabilities. 建设。 The digital management of book resources was strengthened, the electronic financial settlement system was established, and the construction of school financial informatization was promoted .

Eighth, it is closely linked to the well-being of people's livelihood and strengthens service guarantee. We insist on people-oriented, always regard improving people's livelihood as the focus of school work, constantly improve the salary structure, increase the income level of faculty and staff, optimize the medical examination work for faculty and staff, and add medical examination items to meet the health needs of faculty of different ages. 余万元对学生公寓存在的消防隐患进行全面整改,对学生宿舍进行维修、清洗、消毒,实行宿舍垃圾袋装化管理;一次性为学生公寓安装空调2500多台。 Invested more than 3 million yuan to comprehensively rectify fire hazards in student apartments, repaired, cleaned, and disinfected student dormitories, and implemented dormitory garbage bagging management; installed more than 2,500 air conditioners in student apartments at one time.

Nine is to strengthen ideological guidance and serve students' growth. Based on the activities of holding campus cultural festivals, student association activities, humanistic lectures, and the creation of civilized dormitories, it has carried out rich and diverse forms of civilization creation and campus cultural activities, and integrated the cultivation and practice of socialist core values into the entire school education process. . 名教师获“全国优秀志愿者”荣誉称号, 2名学生被评为“湖北省大学生暑期三下乡优秀个人”, 3个志愿服务项目荣获鄂州市“希望伴飞'项目大赛二等奖;获团省委法制演讲比赛三等奖2项、鄂州市“经典诵读大赛”二等奖1。“省级文明单位”创建工作受到考核组高度评价,《“三级三方双线拓展”素质教育》校园文化项目获湖北省高校校园文化建设优秀成果三等奖。 Volunteer service of "Sunshine Messenger" covers urban and rural areas of Ezhou. Volunteer support for "Rainbow Action" was commended by the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. "Voice of Angels" was shortlisted in the finals of the National Volunteer Project Competition. One teacher won the honorary title of "National Excellent Volunteer". Students were rated as "Outstanding Individuals of Hubei Province University Students in the Three Summers in the Countryside in the Summer", three volunteer service projects won the second prize of the "Hope to Fly" project competition in Ezhou; two third prizes in the Legal Speech Contest of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China; 2 The city's "Classic Reading Contest" second prize 1. The establishment of "provincial civilized unit" was highly evaluated by the assessment team, and the "three-level, three-party, two-line expansion" quality education "campus culture project won outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture in Hubei Province Third prize.

Over the past year, under the strong leadership of the school ’s party committee, we have carried out in-depth study and education of “two studies, one doing”, earnestly implemented the spirit of the eight requirements of the Central Committee and the six opinions of the provincial party committee, resolutely corrected the “four winds,” and strictly performed the construction of the Party ’s work style and clean government. "Two responsibilities", the implementation of "one position and two responsibilities" of the leadership team, strengthen accountability and audit supervision of discipline, strictly investigate all kinds of disciplinary cases, strengthen the ideological understanding and theoretical cultivation of party members and cadres, and continue to improve the strict and pragmatic style . The core position of party committee leadership has been further consolidated, and the core role of politics has been effectively brought into play.

For the past year, we have adhered to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s series of important speeches, comprehensively strengthened ideological guidance, actively cultivated and practiced the core values of socialism, and greatly improved the mental outlook of the teaching and administrative staff. The school ’s cohesion, popularity, and influence To new promotion. During the visit of the third inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee to our school, the majority of cadres and employees took a responsible attitude to the school, with a high sense of political responsibility, took the initiative to do a good job of coordination and service assurance, and provided opinions and assigned the inspection team's inspection process. The implementation of the issues was carefully implemented, and the "two correct" and "two promotion" cooperation with the inspection work and the promotion of the business work was won by the inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee. 工顾全大局、迎难而上 ,不仅以快捷、高效、优质的服务圆满完成 128 1500余名防汛武警 官兵的安置、接待工作,而且组成了200多名的党员抗洪突击队,驰援梧桐湖、转战磨刀矶、坚守广家洲大堤, 以大无畏的气概夺取了防汛抗洪的全面胜利,被市委、市政府授予“防汛抗洪抢险救灾工作红旗集体”称号。 In the summer flood prevention and flood relief work, the cadres and staff of the school took care of the overall situation and faced the difficulties . Not only did they successfully complete the placement and reception of more than 1,500 flood control police officers and soldiers in 128 divisions with fast, efficient and high-quality services , but also formed 200 A number of party members' flood-resisting commando teams supported Wutong Lake, turned to Modaoji, and stood by the Guangjiazhou embankment. They won the overall victory in flood control and flood prevention with great courage. They were awarded the "Red Flag Collective of Flood Prevention, Flood Rescue and Relief Work" title. The spirit of flood resistance of "one mind, one mind, one who is not afraid of difficulties, tenacious struggle, perseverance, and courage to win" will surely inspire us to forge ahead in the new journey of creating high-quality vocational colleges across the country .

Fellow deputies, the practice of the past year tells us that the development of the school must continuously deepen reform and innovate the development concept; it must improve the management system and strengthen the implementation of the work; it must accelerate the introduction of internal training and optimize the talent echelon; it must emphasize people-oriented and focus on improvement People's livelihood; we must strictly control the party and govern the party, and persist in doing hard work and invigorating the school.

The achievements of the past year were hard-won, thanks to the correct decision-making and strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government, the solidarity and hard work of the teachers and students of the school, and the support of the alumni And enthusiastic help from all walks of life. Here, on behalf of the school party committee and school administration, I would like to express my most sincere thanks!

At the same time we saw the results, we also clearly realized that insufficient development is still the biggest reality of our school. We must not only carefully sort out and summarize the development experience, but also soberly examine the existing problems and challenges:

First, from the perspective of the development of higher vocational education, the increase in the number of higher vocational colleges, the transformation of applied undergraduate colleges, the implementation of high-quality vocational college plans, and the increasingly fierce competition between colleges, it has proposed new reforms and development of schools. Claim.

Secondly, from the perspective of social needs, the current school's regional economic development strategy and core demand ability are insufficient. With the construction of Ezhou's "five cities" and the international aviation metropolitan area, schools are faced with comprehensively adapting, serving and leading regional economic and social development. Serious challenges.

Third, judging from the demands of teachers and students, there is still a gap between the overall construction resources of the school, the conditions for teaching and scientific research, service guarantee, and the ability to manage the school and the development needs of teachers and students.

At present, the development of vocational education in China is in a golden age, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the development of schools. We must conscientiously sum up experience, face up to existing problems, clarify goals and tasks, seize development opportunities, speed up the construction process of high-quality vocational colleges across the country, and make every effort to promote the connotative, innovative, and characteristic development of school careers.

年的主要工作 Second, the main work in 2017

年, 我们要坚持稳中求进的工作总基调,主动适应经济社会和高等职 业教育发展的新常态,紧紧围绕“优质”和“创新”两大主题,以《鄂州职业大学章程》和《鄂州职业大学“十三五”教育事业发展规划》等为遵循,全面深化制度创新、机制创新和模式创新,大力推进依法办学、依法治校、依法治教和治庸问责,积极培育特色校园文化,不断提高育人质量,努力建成全国优质高职院校,为实现应用型本科院校建设目标打下坚实的基础。 In 2017 , we must adhere to the general tone of work in a stable and progressive manner, proactively adapt to the new normal of economic and social and higher vocational education development, and tightly focus on the two themes of "quality" and "innovation". And the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of Education Development of Ezhou Vocational University", etc., to comprehensively deepen institutional innovation, mechanism innovation and model innovation, vigorously promote accountability in running schools according to law, governing schools by law, governing education by law, and governing ethics, and actively fostering accountability. With its unique campus culture, it continuously improves the quality of education, strives to build a high-quality vocational college nationwide, and lays a solid foundation for achieving the construction goals of applied undergraduate colleges.

To this end, we will focus on the following tasks this year:

以持续深化内涵建设为重点,不断提高人才培养质量 (I) Focus on continuously deepening the construction of connotation, and continuously improve the quality of personnel training

    Earnestly implement the action plan for innovation and development. Focusing on the strategic goals of constructing high-quality vocational colleges, further improve the construction plan of the action plan for innovative development of vocational education, quantify and implement the plan according to the division of functions, decompose tasks, define goals, implement responsibilities, determine schedules and task books, and implement Project management, to fully promote the construction of action plans for innovative development of higher vocational education, improve the comprehensive strength of schools and the quality of education.

Focus on improving professional development. 开展专业建设质量评审活动, 推进现代学徒制改革试点项目建设。 Strengthen the construction of professional teaching resources, carry out professional construction quality review activities, and promote the construction of modern pilot apprenticeship reform pilot projects. ,进行资源整合、集中投入, 重点推进以航空物流与电子商务为龙头的专业群,以及汽车技术、工业机器人技术、移动互联应用技术等骨干专业建设。 In accordance with the professional development ideas of “docking the industry, optimizing the structure; cluster construction, characteristic development; focusing on connotation, improving quality”, closely integrate the construction of the Ezhou International Aviation Metropolitan Area , carry out resource integration and centralized investment, and focus on promoting aviation logistics and e-commerce. Leading professional groups, as well as backbone professional construction of automotive technology, industrial robot technology, mobile internet application technology, etc. 省级品牌、特色专业;加强专本联合培养专业和“五年一贯制”专业的人才培养工作 ,努力构建重点突出、特色鲜明的专业体系,以支撑办学规模,保障办学效益,增强办学活力和学校竞争力。 Optimize and transform the medical nursing professional cluster and the modern normal education professional cluster, and actively apply for the establishment of provincial brands and specialty specialty; strengthen the training of talents with joint training of specialty and "five-year consistent" specialty , and strive to build a focused and distinctive feature Professional system to support the scale of running a school, guarantee the benefits of running a school, and enhance the vitality of running a school and its competitiveness.

Continue to deepen the reform of project-based courses. Completely complete the training and evaluation of teachers' vocational education ability, further improve the mechanism of industrial technological progress to drive classroom reforms, promote the reform of the curriculum system and information-based curriculum oriented by professional activities and work processes, and innovate teaching models. Actively explore a new online-offline mixed teaching model based on "micro-curriculum, micro-classroom, and micro-learning", and launch a pilot program of flip classroom teaching reform. 门校级精品在线开放课程,建成3门省级标准精品在线开放课程,推动精品资源共享课程、在线开放课程、数字化教学课件等资源的开放共享。 15 new high-quality online open courses at school level have been established, and 3 provincial-level high-quality online open courses have been established to promote the open sharing of resources such as high-quality resource sharing courses, online open courses, and digital teaching courseware. 推进专业教育与通识教育的融合发展。 Strengthen the construction of humanities and general education curriculum system , and promote the integrated development of professional education and general education. Comprehensively implement the "credit system" reform.

Strengthen internal quality system construction and teaching diagnosis and reform. Build an internal quality assurance system with normalization, networking, and full coverage, with strong early warning functions and incentives, and complete the establishment of internal quality assurance systems at five levels: schools, majors, courses, teachers, and students. 个系统开展考核性诊改,实现内部管理水平和人才培养质量的持续提升。 According to the school's school running philosophy, school positioning, talent training goals, focus on professional settings and conditions, teacher team and construction, curriculum system and reform, classroom teaching and practice, school management and system, school-enterprise cooperation and innovation, quality monitoring and effectiveness, etc. Cultivate the work elements, carry out the assessment diagnosis and reform according to the five vertical systems, and realize the continuous improvement of the internal management level and the quality of talent training. Improve the annual analysis and reporting system for vocational education quality.

双师型教师队伍建设。 Promote the construction of high-quality " double-teacher " teachers. Intensify the introduction of professionals in aviation logistics, e-commerce, Internet technology, and automotive technology, encourage full-time teachers to take part-time jobs under the guidance of projects, do a good job in nurturing professional leaders and excellent teaching teams, and launch the first "Ezhou Vocational University "Teaching teachers" selection activities. Carry out a series of training and competitions for the development of information technology curriculum for full-time teachers such as micro-classes and advocacy classes to improve the level of development of information technology courses for full-time teachers; improve the mechanism for the selection and evaluation of part-time teachers, carry out the training of part-time teachers' teaching ability, and improve the overall quality of part-time teachers And teaching ability.

Effectively strengthen student education management. 把思想政治工作贯穿教育教学全过程,积极探索基于互联网云平台空间的学生网络思想政治教育管理,全面构建“全员育人、全程育人、全方位育人”德育体系。 Persist in taking Lideshuren as the central link , integrate ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education and teaching, actively explore the management of students' ideological and political education based on the Internet cloud platform space, and comprehensively build a "all-people education, full-course education, all-round education People "moral education system. Do a good job of mental health education for students, improve the funding system for students in need, and increase funding efforts. Improve the incentive mechanism for various types of competitions at various levels to lead the teaching reform, support students to participate in various skill competitions at all levels, and cultivate university students' innovative ability, practical ability and entrepreneurial spirit. Strengthen the professional training of the counselor team, and effectively improve the working ability and service level of the academic team. Strengthen the guidance to student unions, youth volunteer federations, and college student associations, vigorously carry out high-quality campus cultural activities, and build a campus professional (industrial) cultural brand.

Vigorously promote the integration of production and education and deep cooperation between schools and enterprises. Accelerate the construction of an information management platform for school-enterprise cooperation and interaction, and improve mechanisms for talent exchange, technology exchange, and cultural exchange. Taking professional or professional clusters as a link, adopting a company-based operation model, exploring a mixed-ownership schooling system, and fostering characteristic colleges with industry influence. Actively strive for national, provincial and municipal integration of production and education projects, build a school-enterprise collaborative innovation service platform, and create provincial internship training bases. Establish the website of Hubei Mould Vocational Education Group, establish a coordination and communication mechanism among members within the group, promote the formation of a development pattern of combined development of production, education, research, and vocational education, and support the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, and strive to create a national backbone vocational education group. Promote the construction of preschool education vocational education group in southeast Hubei, and start the construction of the "master service center".

Deepen international exchanges and cooperation. Strengthen project cooperation with overseas universities, such as Columbus State Community University, and expand Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs. Connect with international vocational qualification standards, and promote cooperation with overseas (foreign) cooperative colleges and universities in curriculum exchange and credit recognition. Continue to promote overseas training and training of key teachers, implement overseas study and internship programs for students, and improve the international vision and professional ability of teachers and students. 强等大型国际化企业的交流与合作,拓展学生国(境)外实训、就业新渠道,推进学校国际化办学进程。 Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the world's top 500 and other large international companies, expand students' new overseas training and employment channels, and promote the process of internationalization of schools.

(2) Leading the construction of aviation metropolitan area and vigorously improving the service development capacity

Letting big airplanes take off from Ezhou is the dream of the people of Ezhou during the "13th Five-Year Plan". As the only institution of higher learning in Ezhou, serving the construction of the aviation metropolitan area, we have an unshirkable responsibility. 年,我们必须按照“对接产业,融入建设,互动发展”的工作思路,围绕鄂州航空都市区产业发展规划,全力推动专业结构优化、专业建设升级、专业发展转型等一系列基础性工作。 In 2017 , we must follow the working idea of “docking industries, integrate construction, and interactive development” and focus on a series of basic tasks such as the optimization of professional structure, the upgrading of professional construction, and the transformation of professional development around the industrial development plan of the Ezhou Aviation Metropolitan Area. Vigorously improve the level of technological innovation and social service capabilities.

Take the initiative to serve the construction of the aviation metropolitan area. Accelerate the communication and coordination with Ezhou Logistics Management Bureau, SF Logistics, Ugo E-commerce and other industries and enterprises, and start to set up the Hubei Ezhou Aviation Logistics Industry Vocational Education Group. Closely liaise with the construction planning department of the Ezhou Aviation Metropolitan Area, and carry out "professional docking industry" demonstrations around construction planning, especially industrial planning, to provide a basis for new professional settings such as aviation logistics and the transformation and development of traditional specialties. Speed up the construction of aviation logistics and e-commerce professional clusters, take the lead in organizing the production-education dialogue activities of the logistics and e-commerce industries in Ezhou City, and work hard to implement the Hubei Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd. project. Actively participate in the preliminary project construction of surveying, mapping, planning, design, and service promotion of the Ezhou Aviation Metropolitan Area. Start the preparation work of the school's aviation logistics comprehensive training center.

Vigorously improve the level of technological innovation. 加大科研经费投入,修订科研项目管理制度,完善科研激励机制,培育一批科技领军人才,组建一批科技创新团队,扶持一批具有应用和推广价值的科研项目。 Further increase funding for scientific research, revise the management system for scientific research projects, improve the scientific research incentive mechanism, cultivate a group of leading scientific and technological talents, form a group of scientific and technological innovation teams, and support a number of scientific research projects with application and promotion value.

Strive to improve social service capabilities. Proactively adapt to Ezhou's "five city construction" and industrial development transformation and upgrading, and the development of emerging industries, focusing on the major needs of industry enterprises, effectively integrating professional and human resources, building a unique scientific and technological service team, and vigorously carrying out technology research and development and innovation, and new technology applications And scientific research work such as promotion and local culture inheritance and development, and building a school technology service brand. Strengthen cooperation with well-known key enterprises inside and outside the province, build a number of school-enterprise cooperation demonstration projects, and actively promote patent application and scientific and technological achievements. Enlarge and strengthen adult continuing education and social training to ensure new growth in social service projects, vocational skills appraisals, and Putonghua testing.

(3) Strive to build a safe and harmonious campus for the purpose of improving the protection of people's livelihood in the school

Speed up the construction of campus infrastructure projects. 航空物流与临空服务实训中心、现代汽车检测与维修实训中心、中小企业运营与管理综合实训中心等项目建设,推进凤凰路地下人行通道项目建设和“校中村”拆迁工作,新建主校区地下停车场和中轴线文化长廊, 维修改造一号教学楼,实施校园道路整体刷黑工程,推进生态校园建设。 Completed the construction of automotive engineering training center and sports training center, and completed the implementation of Hubei Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd. project; launched the aviation logistics and air service training center, modern automobile testing and maintenance training center, and small and medium-sized enterprises Operation and management of comprehensive training center construction and other projects. Promote the construction of the Fenghuang Road underground pedestrian corridor project and the "school village" demolition work. Newly build the underground parking lot and the central axis cultural corridor of the main campus. Maintain and transform the No. 1 teaching building and implement campus roads. The overall blackout project promotes the construction of an ecological campus.

智慧校园 建设。 Promote the construction of " smart campus " . Do a good job of the top-level design and system planning of the "smart campus", build a school public data center platform, realize the source collection of school data, and unified sharing; promote the development and application of the cloud space of education and teaching management, and strive to achieve governance informatization and learning Education and intelligence. Strengthen the application management of "One Card". Carry out the transformation of multimedia classroom network control to improve the level of information management and resource utilization efficiency.

Establish a student entrepreneurship and employment guidance service system. 个大学生创业孵化基地,筹建创新创业学院,试行学生创新创业实践导师制,促进学生充分就业。 Establish a school innovation and entrepreneurship base, add two new college student incubation bases, prepare for the establishment of an innovation and entrepreneurship college, and test the practice of a mentoring system for students' innovation and entrepreneurship to promote full employment of students. Establish innovation and entrepreneurship scholarships, support students to establish associations such as innovation and entrepreneurship associations, entrepreneurship clubs, etc., and establish a database of university students' innovation and entrepreneurship cases. Actively develop innovative and entrepreneurial general courses with school-based characteristics, and establish a system for accumulating and converting credits for innovation and entrepreneurship. Organize college students' career planning and other innovation and entrepreneurship events to create an innovative cultural atmosphere.

Continue to improve people's livelihood security level. Establish a coordination mechanism for the development of the school's career and the steady increase in the income of faculty and staff, and continue to improve the learning, living and working conditions of teachers and students. Actively participate in and earnestly complete the provincial and municipal goals and responsibilities assessment, archives compliance, party building assessment, comprehensive management of social order and the establishment of civilized units, and create conditions for raising the wages and benefits of teaching staff. Improve the student aid mechanism. Do well the work of retired veteran comrades and care about the next generation. Establish a sound alumni work network system, contact and serve alumni, and enhance friendship and cooperation.

Efforts to promote the construction of a safe campus. Seriously carry out re-examination and rectification of various hidden safety hazards in schools, implement safety work responsibility systems, and strive to improve the ability of leading groups and cadres at all levels to promote harmony, resolve conflicts, and maintain stability. Improve the school emergency public emergency response system, give full play to the role of mass prevention and mass management and technical defense network, and continuously improve the level of campus security management. Strengthen the research on maintaining stability under the conditions of informationization, gradually implement the real-name system of campus networks, and establish a responsibility system for reviewing campus network and subnet information. Actively promote the "Seventh Five-Year Law Popularization" of schools.

(IV) Constructing a modern university governance system under the guidance of school constitutions

Promote the modernization of governance structures and capabilities. Based on the school's charter, we will carry out the work of abolishing, reforming, establishing, and interpreting the rules and regulations, and strive to build a school rules and regulations system with the charter as the school's "Basic Law", supported by a special supporting system, and supplemented by detailed rules. To further streamline procedures and links, to avoid cross-organizational functions and conflicts of authority, reduce management costs, streamline management levels, clarify job responsibilities, shorten work processes, and form a mechanism to govern power, govern affairs, and govern people.

Deepen the reform of the personnel distribution system. We will improve the job target responsibility system, improve the performance appraisal mechanism, improve the income distribution system for faculty and staff, and vigorously promote the implementation and implementation of reward performance salary reform programs. Steady progress in the reform of old-age insurance.

Promote the downward focus of management. Adhere to quality orientation, strengthen process supervision, strengthen performance evaluation of school running objectives, explore mixed-school mode of running schools with secondary ownership, and strive to build a new governance structure of “people-oriented, consistent power and responsibility, and scientific management”.

Improve financial management. We will improve the multi-channel funding mechanism, establish and improve various financial and economic systems, enhance financial management and service awareness, and standardize financial behavior at all levels and types. In accordance with the financial management operation mode of “unified leadership, centralized management, and classified accounting”, a pre-financial budget evaluation, implementation process supervision, and budget performance evaluation system has been established to form a management mechanism of “effective use of money, accountability of invalidity”.

Improve the public service system. With the goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness, we will further deepen the reform of the logistics service system and strengthen institutionalization and standardization. Improve the school asset management system and improve the efficiency of using state assets. Further strengthen the standardization and professionalization of bidding and promote refined management. Strengthen the construction of books, documents, archives collection resources, and improve the level of service teaching and scientific research. 加快建立运行顺畅、服务高效的公共实训教学保障体系。 Do a good job in the construction of provincial-level training centers, mental health education centers, etc., build a school-wide large-scale instrumentation equipment and laboratory co-construction and sharing platform , and accelerate the establishment of a smooth and efficient public training teaching support system.

(5) The opportunity to implement the rectification of inspections and promote the comprehensive and strict administration of party work

According to the unified deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, the third inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee made a special inspection of our school a year ago, and will give feedback on the inspection in March. The implementation of the provincial party committee's inspection and rectification work is an important political task and central task of the year. We must conscientiously implement the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee on inspection and rectification work, strengthen organizational leadership, clarify rectification tasks, refine rectification measures, strengthen work coordination, advance various rectification work in a targeted manner, and establish and improve a number of regulations and Long-term mechanism.

Vigorously promote the construction of office style. Adhere to the service frontline, service teachers and students as an important basis for the construction of service-oriented institutions, strictly formulate the department's work responsibility list, reform and improve assessment methods, establish and improve the mechanism of inspection and supervision, strengthen process inspection, follow-up and effectiveness, and effectively improve administrative execution, Make sure that the school's various decision-making arrangements are implemented, and strive to win the trust and support of the school's party and government work.

Actively promote the management of schools according to law. Adhere to and improve the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, strive to build an internal governance structure of "party leader, principal responsibility, expert governance, and democratic management", and enhance the ability to use the rule of law thinking and legal methods to resolve prominent contradictions and problems in the reform and development of schools. We will improve the system and mechanism for teachers and students to participate in democratic management through teacher congresses and student congresses, and give full play to the enthusiasm of democratic parties and mass groups in school management. Establish a teacher and student appeals handling committee to receive teacher and student appeals in accordance with law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teachers and students, and build democratic campuses. Continuously deepen the disclosure of school affairs and actively promote information disclosure.

Constantly improve the level of propaganda and ideological work. 在全国高校思想政治工作会议上的讲话精神为指导,贯彻落实中央《关于进一步加强和改进新形势下高校宣传思想工作的意见》,深化中国特色社会主义理论和“中国梦”宣传教育,培育和践行社会主义核心价值观,做好校内意识形态的引导和网络舆情监控工作。 Guided by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping 's speech at the National University Ideological and Political Work Conference , implementing the Central Committee's "Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving Ideological Work in Colleges and Universities in the New Situation", deepening the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the "Chinese dream" Publicize and educate, cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, and do a good job of guiding ideology and monitoring public opinion on the Internet. Formulate plans for the construction of ideological and political theory courses, strengthen the construction and management of "two micro-ends" in schools, and promote the construction of network ideological and political education projects.

Deepen the construction of party conduct and clean government. Adhere to improving work style, strict discipline, and punishing corruption as important guidelines for building a harmonious campus, formulate responsibilities specifications for “one job, two responsibilities” for leadership and middle-level cadres, carry out supervision of the implementation of “two responsibilities”, and continue to promote punishment and prevention of corruption The construction of the system has promoted the spirit and custom of the eight regulations of the central government, and has strived to build a team of cadres with absolute loyalty, responsible officers, clean self-discipline, and vitality.

Dear delegates! If the goal is ahead, it must be a triumph; the mission is on the shoulder, and it is necessary to move forward. In the new year, let us unite more closely under the strong leadership of the school's party committee and administration, with a spirit of enthusiasm and a spirit of loyalty, do a good job of this year's work, and work hard to get out of school New pace of development! Use the wisdom and sweat of all teachers and students to write a new chapter in the scientific development of our school together!

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