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· The first batch of 1 + X certificate system pilots in logistics management nationwide 12-18
· Business School Aviation Logistics Teaching and Research Section Teachers Teaching Competition ... 09-30
· Accounting teacher was invited to serve as Huangshi Vocational College ... 05-20
· Our school's e-commerce students won the "2018 Lake ... 05-02
· Business school students majoring in e-commerce won the "2018 ... 05-02
· Hubei University E-commerce Productive Training Base ... 05-02
· The 6th "BoDao ChengCheng Cup" national e-commerce ... 05-02
· Accounting major launches ERP financial software teaching and competition ... 04-23
· Professor Yang Diansheng, a member of the school party committee and vice president, came to business ... 04-17
· Our school's student entrepreneurship project won the fifth "... 12-26
· The Party branch of the business school held "Don't forget the original intention, keep in mind ... 12-22
· The first batch of 1 + X certificate system pilots in logistics management nationwide 12-18
· Business School Holds Winter Lecture Series on Safety Education 12-09
· A gun slammed the phoenix, and volunteer service was full of passion 12-06
· The sixth dormitory cultural festival of business school officially launched 12-04
· Business School Financial Knowledge Seminar Successfully Ended 12-02
· Wan Guoguang goes deep into our hospital to investigate the construction of grass-roots party branches 10-25
· In 2019, Ezhou Vocational University's aviation logistics ... 10-17
student work
Career Guidance
Keeping in mind the financial mission, pragmatism and forge ahead
You are expensive
Ziqiang Hongyi has a long way to go
The long wind and the waves will sometimes hang directly on the clouds to save the sea
Anyone who has a will can do it

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