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Notice on holding the "I and my motherland ‧ Always follow the party" theme essay

Time: 2019-07-24 Release: xcbzhuzhan

Schools, Offices, and Units Affiliated to:

70 周年,讴歌建党以来,特别是改革开放以来,全校各级党组织和广大师生在党旗引领下,为鄂州改革发展和学校建设激情作为、奋发有为的先进事迹,学校决定开展“我和我的祖国 永远跟党走”主题征文活动,现将有关事项通知如下。 To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China , since the establishment of Acura Party, especially since the reform and opening up, the party organizations at all levels of the school and the majority of teachers and students under the leadership of the party banner have worked passionately and aggressively for Ezhou's reform and development and school construction. Decided to carry out the essay-writing activity on the theme of "I and my motherland will always follow the party". The relevant matters are notified as follows.

I. Theme

70 周年这条主线,深入贯彻落实习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,特别是习近平总书记视察湖北、考察鄂州时的重要讲话指示精神,以个人亲身经历、社会深刻变化、经济稳步发展、民生显著改善为视角,用文学艺术形式生动展现在中国共产党领导下我市、我校取得的辉煌成就、全校各级党组织和广大党员担当作为、奋发有为的精神风貌。 Focusing on the main line of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China , we thoroughly implemented the socialist ideas of Chinese characteristics in the new era of internship, especially the spirit of important speeches given by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspections of Hubei and Ezhou. From the perspectives of change, steady economic development, and significant improvement in people's livelihood, the brilliant achievements of our city and school under the leadership of the Communist Party of China are demonstrated vividly in the form of literature and art. . Use literary and artistic forms to express the whole school ’s teachers and students ’love for the party and the motherland, inspire and encourage the school ’s teachers and students to win a well-off society in an all-round way, accelerate the construction of“ three cities and one city ”in Ezhou, and speed up the school ’s“ double high ”construction.

Object of Essay

Staff and students throughout the school.

Application time

7 17 日— 9 6 July 17 - September 6 , 2019

4. Call for Papers

作品体裁不限,其中诗歌以 30-70 行为宜,古体诗词不限,散文在 2000 字以内,杂文、时评在 1500 字以内。 1. The genre of the work is not limited. The poems should be in the range of 30-70 . The ancient style poetry is not limited. The prose is within 2000 words, and the essay and commentary are within 1500 words.

作品需拥护党的领导,拥护社会主义,弘扬社会主义核心价值观,传播正能量,突出思想性和艺术性。 2. The work must support the party's leadership, support socialism, promote the core values of socialism, spread positive energy, and highlight ideology and artistry. The theme is clear, the viewpoint is correct, the structure is rigorous, the data is accurate, the historical data is informative, the language is vivid, the text is refined, the expression is expressive and infectious, and it has strong readability.

必须是本人原创作品,从未公开发表过。 3. Must be my original work, never published publicly. Plagiarism and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. Anyone who violates the relevant copyright issues shall be disqualified from participating in the review, and the relevant legal responsibilities shall be borne by the author. The copyright of the manuscript belongs to the school, and it has the right to publish the collected works publicly, assemble and publish them, broadcast them, and display them.

作品一律以电子版投稿,不接受纸质稿件;来稿请注明“我和我的祖国 永远跟党走主题活动征文”字样,以“征文 + 文章标题”格式呈现,用 Word 文档编辑,并在稿件底部注明作者单位、真实姓名、联系电话;所有来稿一律不予退还。 4. All works should be submitted in electronic version. Paper manuscripts will not be accepted; please indicate "I and my motherland Always follow the party's theme activity solicitation", and present it in the form of "essay + article title" and edit it with Word , And indicate the author unit, real name, and contact phone number at the bottom of the manuscript; all submissions will not be returned. 老师,征文报送邮箱: 79929377@qq.com\853488520@qq.com Contact person: Mr. Shu, Mr. Shi , E-mail submission: 79929377@qq.com \ 853488520@qq.com .

V. Review communication

学校将组成专家组对征文进行匿名评审,评选组织奖若干名,一、二、三等奖和优秀奖各若干名,并给予一定奖励。 1. The school will form an expert group to anonymously review the essay, select several organizational awards, several first, second, third, and excellence awards, and give certain awards.

获奖作品和作者将于国庆节前集中在鄂州大学报、鄂州日报、鄂州电视台、鄂州党建网、鄂州基层党建微信公众号上公布并分期刊发,择优推荐到市级以上媒体发表。 2. The award-winning works and authors will be published in Ezhou University Newspaper, Ezhou Daily, Ezhou TV Station, Ezhou Party Construction Network, Ezhou Grassroots Party Construction WeChat public account and distributed by periodical before National Day. And complete the integration book, distribution exchange learning.

在“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育活动中,将组建宣讲团队,对获奖作品进行巡回宣讲。 3. In the theme education activity of “Do n’t forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind”, a publicity team will be set up to conduct lectures on the winning works.

Event organization

全校各级基层党组织要认真组织广大共产党员和发动广大师生踊跃投稿;要加强征文活动的领导,每单位报送参选作品不得少于 1 篇。 1. The grass-roots party organizations at all levels of the school must conscientiously organize the majority of Communist Party members and mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers and students to submit contributions; to strengthen the leadership of the essay campaign, each unit must submit no less than one work . The organizational activities of each unit will be included in the annual party construction work assessment content.

学校宣传部将广泛发动相关人士和文学爱好者广泛参与,并提供必要的联系和协调服务工作。 2. The school propaganda department will widely mobilize relevant persons and literature enthusiasts to participate widely, and provide necessary contacts and coordinate service work.

Propaganda Department of CPC Ezhou Vocational University

7 17 July 17 , 2019

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