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Ezhou Vocational University Competitive Negotiation Announcement of Industrial Robot Technology Training Equipment

Time: 2019-06-03 Release: Assets Division

市财政局下达的政府采购计划备案表(鄂州财采计备[ 2019002728号)的要求 ,湖北名达工程咨询有限责任公司(以下简称“采购代理机构”)受鄂州职业大学(以下简称“采购人”)的委托,对其工业机器人技术专业实训设备采用竞争性磋商方式采购,欢迎符合资格条件的供应商参加 。 According to the requirements of the filing form of the government procurement plan issued by the Ezhou Finance Bureau (Ezhou Caicai Jibei [ 2019 ] 002728 ) , Hubei Mingda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "purchasing agency") was accepted by Ezhou Vocational University (hereinafter (Referred to as "purchaser"), to purchase competitive training methods for its industrial robotics professional training equipment. Qualified suppliers are welcome to participate .

I. Project Overview

(I) Project Number: HBMD-2019 0529

(Two) project name: professional training equipment for industrial robotics

民币 (3) Controlling price of procurement budget: RMB 73.50 Ten thousand yuan

(IV) Project content and requirements:

本次 磋商 共分1 个项目包,具体需求如详细技术规格、参数及要求见本项目磋商文件第 章内容。 1. This consultation is divided into 1 project package. For detailed requirements such as detailed technical specifications, parameters and requirements, please refer to Chapter 3 of this project consultation document .



Industrial robot technology application system


Serial number


Asset Name




Serial number


Asset Name






Automated Warehouse






Pallet assembly line system






Palletizing robot






Assembly line system






Palletizing unit control system and control cabinet






Safety net






Base plate






Main control system and control cabinet






AGV robot






Tools and accessories






Multi-degree-of-freedom articulated robot






Multi-brand industrial robot offline simulation software






End effector






Training room resources






Intelligent visual inspection system




包: First package:

1 )项目包编号: 1 ( 1 ) Project package number: 1

2 )项目包名称: 工业机器人技术专业实训设备 ( 2 ) Project package name: Industrial robotics professional training equipment

3 )类别: 货物 ( 3 ) Category: Goods

4 )用途: ( 4 ) Uses:   teaching  

5 )数量: 1 批 ( 5 ) Quantity: 1 batch

6 )简要技术要求: 详见磋商文件第三章 ( 6 ) Brief technical requirements: see Chapter 3 of the consultation document for details

7 )采购预算 73.50 万元 ( 7 ) Procurement budget : RMB 735,500

8 )期限( 交货期 ): 合同签订后 15 日历天 完成供货 ( 8 ) Time limit ( delivery time ): supply will be completed within 15 calendar days after the contract is signed ;

9 )质保期: 1 ( 9 ) Warranty period: 1 year

(10) Others: /

供应商参加投标的报价超过该包采购预算金额的,其该包投标无效。 2. If the quotation of the supplier participating in the bid exceeds the purchase budget amount of the package, the package bid is invalid.

参加多包投标的相关规定: / 3. Relevant regulations for participating in multi-package bidding: / .

供应商如需查询技术要求可将您的联系方式发送至/联系索取,也可直接到我处查阅磋商文件。 4. If the supplier needs to inquire about the technical requirements, he can send your contact information to / contact for request, or you can directly go to our office to consult the consultation documents.

采购项目需要落实的政府采购政策: 本项目需落实的节能环保、中小微型企业扶持等相关政府采购政策详见磋商文件。 5. Government procurement policies that need to be implemented for procurement projects: Please refer to the consultation documents for relevant government procurement policies such as energy conservation and environmental protection, support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Supplier qualification requirements

(1) The supplier must meet the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law;

具有独立承担民事责任的能力; 1. Ability to independently assume civil liability;

具有良好的商业信誉和健全的财务会计制度; 2. Good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;

具有履行合同所必需的设备和专业技术能力; 3. Have the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract;

有依法缴纳税收和社会保障资金的良好记录; 4. Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;

参加政府采购活动前三年内,在经营活动中没有重大违法记录; 5. Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there are no major illegal records in business activities;

法律、行政法规规定的其他条件。 6. Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

)包: (2) Specific qualification requirements for each package: Section ( 1 ) :

供应商参加政府采购活动前三年内未被列入“信用中国”网站(www.creditchina.gov.cn) 失信被执行人、重大税收违法案件当事人、政府采购严重违法失信行为记录名单和“中国政府采购”网站( www.ccgp.gov.cn )政府采购严重违法失信行为记录名单(以公告发布期间查询结果为准)。 1. Suppliers have not been included in the "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn) within three years before participating in government procurement activities. The "China Government Procurement" website ( www.ccgp.gov.cn ), a list of records of serious violations of government procurement and dishonesty (subject to the query results during the announcement period ).

供应商应能提供本项目长期、稳定的技术支持服务。 2. The supplier shall be able to provide long-term and stable technical support services for this project.

本项目不接受联合体投标。 3. This project does not accept consortium bids.

(3) If national laws and regulations require market access, they shall also comply with relevant regulations.

The above qualification requirements are the basic conditions that the bidding suppliers should have. Suppliers participating in each bidding package must meet all the clauses corresponding to each package in the qualification requirements and submit qualification certification documents in accordance with relevant regulations.

Access to consultation documents

-0 6 - 03至201 9 -0 6 - 10北京时间每天上午8:30~12:00、下午14:00~16:30,法定节假日以及休息日(周六周日)除外。 (I) Acquisition time: 201 9 -0 6-03 to 201 9 -0 6-10 Beijing time 8: 30 ~ 12: 00, 14: 00 ~ 16: 30 every day, legal holidays and rest days (Saturday Except Sunday).

(II) Place of acquisition: Hubei Mingda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (Room 1913, Building 2 of Youhuo City, No. 1 Xudong Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan).

供应商资格要求中全部的资格证明材料的原件及加盖公章的复印件领取磋商文件。 (3) Obtaining methods: Eligible suppliers shall bring the originals of all qualification documents in Article 2Supplier Qualification Requirementsof this announcement and copies of official seals to obtain consultation documents within the obtaining time. 00元,售后不退。 The consultation documents are priced at 5,000 yuan each and are non-refundable.

法定代表人自己领取的,凭法定代表人身份证明书及法定代表人身份证原件领取。 1. If the legal representative has collected it by himself, he shall receive it with the legal representative's identity certificate and the original legal representative's ID card.

法定代表人委托他人领取的,凭法定代表人授权书及受托人身份证原件领取。 2. If the legal representative entrusts others to collect it, the legal representative's power of attorney and the original identity card of the trustee will be used for collection.

4. Place and deadline of consultation response documents

(I) Delivery location: Hubei Mingda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (Room 1913, 2 Building, Youhuo City, No. 1 Xudong Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan)

9 061810:00 (北京 间) (II) Deadline: 10:00 on June 18 , 2009 (Beijing time )

V. Place and time of consultation

(I) Venue: Meeting room of Hubei Mingda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (Room 1913, Building 2 of Youhuo City, No. 1 Xudong Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan)

9 061810:00 (北京间) (II) Deadline: 10:00 on June 18 , 2009 (Beijing time)

Participants are invited to attend the consultation ceremony.

、联系事项 Contact matters

人: 鄂州职业大学 Buyer : Ezhou Vocational University                                

Ground     Address: 78 Fenghuang Road, Ezhou City, Hubei Province                          

Contact:   Teacher Wang                                  

Electricity     Words: 0711—3855251, 13971988653            

Project Contact: Teacher Xiong 18696256587                        

Procurement Agency: Hubei Mingda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.        

Office address: Room 1913, 2 Building, Youhuo City, No. 1 Xudong Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan                    

Contact: Manager Yang                              

Electricity     Word: 18086515951          

、信息发布媒体 7. Information release media

) Hubei Provincial Government Procurement Network (website: http://www.ccgp-hubei.gov.cn )

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