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· School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Faculty Training 12-10
· School-enterprise cooperation in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering achieved results 11-20
· School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Student Social Practice 11-06
· School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Skills Competition Gets Outstanding Results 10-12
· "Television Testing and Maintenance" Course Teaching ... 10-22
· The 7th Hubei Provincial College Teaching Application ... 10-08
· Design and implementation of a high-performance low-power power supply 10-06
· Design of Motion Detection System Based on Ultrasound 10-06
· Thoughts on "Teaching Factory" Model in Higher Vocational Colleges 10-06
· 2019 School of Electronic and Electrical (Aeronautical) Engineering ... 12-24
· Wield passion, spread wings and fly high; youth fearless, chase ... 10-27
· Tug of War 2019 Autumn Games 10-17
· 2019 Autumn Games Football 10-13
· The 22nd student of the School of Electronic, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering ... 10-11
· It's another year of orientation 09-05
· Arguing 04-27
· National Security Education Speech Contest Finals 04-18
· Free blood donation passes warmth 03-14
student work
Career Guidance
Major Employment Units of Graduates of Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, 2012
Changfei Fiber Optic Cable Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xinjian Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Tongzhou Electronics Co., Ltd.
Konka Group

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