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List of Theme Education "Knowledge, Reform, and Action"

Time: 2019-10-31 Release: Huang Qishuo

党委班子 (Ezhou Vocational University Party Committee )

对接国际物流航空枢纽不够、服务地方经济融合度不高的问题。 (I) Name of the problem: Insufficient docking of international logistics and aviation hubs, and lack of service to local economic integration.

航空工程学院 ,整合学校内部资源 建立健全学院 班子队伍建设, 优化 调整专业 设置,做实做大服务国际航空大都市建设的能力。 Rectification goals and content: Establish " Aeronautical Engineering College " , integrate internal school resources , establish and improve the construction of the college team, optimize and adjust professional settings, and expand the ability to serve the construction of an international aviation metropolis.

一是加强与顺丰集团联系,签订校企合作协议,共同培养航空物流人才。 Main measures: First, strengthen ties with SF Group, sign school-enterprise cooperation agreements, and jointly train aviation logistics talents. The second is to build the "Ezhou Vocational University Shunfeng Training Center" with SF Group to improve students' practical ability. The third is to cooperate with the College Graduate Employment Association of the Ministry of Education and the Civil Airport Association of the Civil Aviation Administration to carry out the construction of "Airport Practical Talent Project" to provide high-quality personnel for airport operations. 计划今年再申报三个专业。 Fifth, we plan to declare three more majors this year. Aircraft electromechanical equipment maintenance, civil aviation safety technology management, drone application technology. 加强和顺风集团的校企合作,开设订单班,为顺风机场培养高技能人才。 Sixth, strengthen the cooperation between the school and the enterprise of Shunfeng Group, and open order classes to train highly skilled personnel for Shunfeng Airport.

责任领导, 周岫 ;责任单位,航空工程学院、 商学院 ;联系人,汪建立( 13092706569 )秦松涛 18696256688 Responsible subject: Responsible leader, Zhou Yan ; Responsible unit, Aviation Engineering College, Business School ; Contact person, Wang Jianli ( 13092706569 ), Qin Songtao ( 18696256688 ) .

2019年11月底。 Rectification time limit: The end of November 2019.

2019年8月28日,成立航空工程学院。 Progress: On August 28, 2019, the School of Aeronautical Engineering was established. We have negotiated and cooperated with Lingyun Technology Group and SF Group for many times. Jointly applied for civil aviation maintenance training center with Lingyun Technology Group. Established 3 majors. They are aviation ground equipment maintenance, mechatronics technology (aviation machinery direction), and applied electronics (aviation electronics direction). Organize a team of key teachers to conduct scientific research on the construction of the Ezhou International Airport Economic Zone to provide intellectual support for it.

对职教改革20条学习不透彻、理解不深入。 (2) Title of the question: Incomplete study and in-depth understanding of the 20 vocational education reforms.

目标和内容: 通过学习 职教改革 20条 ,实现全校师生员工统一思想,达成共识, 团结一致 推动学校改革发展工作。 Rectification goals and content: By studying 20 vocational education reforms , we will achieve a unified mind for teachers and students throughout the school, reach consensus, and work together to promote the reform and development of the school.

相关部门制定具体学习 贯彻 实施方案;二是聘请著名专家解读职教改革方案;三是 组织全校副科级以上干部 开展 职教方案培训班 深入学习 职教20条;四是在全体教师中开展学习大讨论,统一思想 ,达成共识 Main measures : 1. Relevant departments formulate specific study and implementation plans; 2. Hire well-known experts to interpret the vocational education reform plan; 3. Organize cadres at or above the associate level level to organize vocational education program training courses and study 20 vocational education in-depth ; There was a discussion of learning among all teachers, unified thinking , and reached consensus .

责任领导,杨殿生;责任单位,教务处;联系人,陈适(18696256288)。 Responsible subject: Responsible leader, Yang Diansheng; Responsible unit, Academic Affairs Office; Contact person, Chen Shi (18696256288).

2019年 9 月底。 Rectification time limit: The end of September 2019 .

教务处 制定了具体的实施方案,聘请了全国 职教专家 马树超教授到 校为全校副科级以上干部 解读《 国家 职业教育改革实施方案》 Progress: The Teaching Affairs Office has formulated a specific implementation plan, and hired a national vocational education expert, Professor Ma Shuchao, to attend the school to interpret the " National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan" for cadres at or above the associate level level .

鄂州职业大学党委书记 万国光 ) ( Wang Guoguang , Secretary of the Party Committee of Ezhou Vocational University )

教育与管理学院钢琴实习实训室建设多年得不到落实的问题 Problem Name: The problem that the construction of the piano practice training room in the School of Education and Management has not been implemented for many years

满足教育与管理学院教学基本条件,解决教育与管理学院师生反映强烈的问题。 Rectification goals and content: To meet the basic teaching conditions of the School of Education and Management, and to solve the problems of strong reflection from the teachers and students of the School of Education and Management.

一是将教育与管理学院钢琴实习实训室建设事项列入党委会议题,对大学生活动中心、金刚石实训中心右侧 三层楼等 几处选址,尽快进行检测论证, 按程序 尽快 进行 升级改造 ;二是拟再购置钢琴50台,充实师生的 教学和实习实训 Main measures: First, the construction of the piano practice training room of the School of Education and Management was included in the agenda of the party committee. The university student activity center and the three-story building on the right side of the diamond training center were selected as soon as possible. The program will be upgraded as soon as possible ; the second is to purchase another 50 pianos to enrich the teaching and practical training of teachers and students .

责任领导,万国光;责任单位,资产处、教育与管理学院;联系人,程国先(15871529938)陈静(18696256969)。 Responsible subject: Responsible leader, Wan Guoguang; Responsible unit, Assets Division, School of Education and Management; Contact person, Cheng Guoxian (15871529938), Chen Jing (18696256969).

2019年12月底。 Rectification time limit: The end of December 2019.

截止到2019年9月23日,已经召开了党委会,通过了建设方案, 升级改造相应 面积教学用房用于钢琴房。 Progress: As of September 23, 2019, the Party Committee has been convened, and a construction plan has been adopted to upgrade and transform the corresponding teaching room for the piano room.

(Zhou Feng, President of Ezhou Vocational University)

建筑工程学院师生反映实习实训条件差的问题。 Problem name: The teachers and students of the School of Architecture and Engineering reflect the problem of poor practical training conditions.

提升实训中心整体形象,达到现代职业教育实训环境建设的要求;增加相关实训室建设,改善建筑类专业实训条件。 Rectification goals and content: Improve the overall image of the training center to meet the requirements for the construction of a modern vocational education training environment; increase the construction of related training rooms, and improve the training conditions for architectural professionals. Add prefabricated building virtual simulation training room to meet the needs of prefabricated building teaching and training. Add 1 + X Building Information Technology (BIM) training room to meet the needs of building BIM teaching and training. Add teaching and training functions such as studios and project studios to solve the training requirements for interior design majors; transform the floor and training hall of the training center, improve related management functions, and improve the overall image of the training center.

一是成立项目建设专班,设计实训中心改造升级相关方案; 二是 组织专家 对升级改造方案进行 论证,并 办理 相关审批工作;三是拟 投入 67 0 余万元,职能部门 积极推进 项目设备的招标采购, 推进实训中心升级工程落地落实。 Main measures: First, set up a special class for project construction, and design related plans for the upgrading and upgrading of the training center; second, organize experts to demonstrate the upgrading plan and handle related approvals; third, it is planned to invest more than 6.7 million yuan, and functional departments actively promote the project The bidding and procurement of equipment promoted the implementation of the upgrade project of the training center.

责任领导,周峰;责任单位,教务处、建工学院;联系人,陈适( 18696256288 )杨国根 1869625 6988) Responsible subject: Responsible leader, Zhou Feng; Responsible unit, Academic Affairs Office, Construction Engineering College; Contact person, Chen Shi ( 18696256288 ), Yang Guogen ( 1869625 6988) .

2019年1 2 月底。 Rectification time limit: The end of February, 2019 .

实训中心升级方案 已经成形,2019年9月23日 党委 研究通过 决定 立项。 Progress: The training center upgrade plan has taken shape. On September 23, 2019, the party committee studied and decided to establish a project.

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